News from the Collective

Good Data Ethics by Andrea Zeffiro

Good Data edited by Angela Daly, S. Kate Devitt and Monique Mann will be published by INC in January 2019. The book launch will be 24 Januari @ Spui25. In anticipation of the publication, we publish a series of posts by some of the authors of the book. “Moving away from the strong body of critique of […]

Limn 10: Chokepoints… Now available in gorgeous version!

Limn is proud to announce the release of Limn 10: Chokepoints in gorgeous print and PDF versions.  Your purchase of either a handsome matte-finished, 8×10, coffee-table-worthy version ($25) or a tablet-beautifying PDF ($5 or your reserve price) all goes to making more Limn possible.  Limn is non-profit, scholar-run, and open access, but we believe in making a beautiful vessel for our ideas.  Get one today!