About the Collective

The Radical Open Access Collective is a community of presses, organisations, and projects involved in academic-led, not-for-profit, radical and experimental publishing practices. This international consortium, currently consisting of over 20 members, wants to explore, experiment with, and support an alternative vision for open access beyond policy mandates and commercial APC-based publishing and towards more progressive understandings of open publishing in the humanities and social sciences. You can read more about the philosophy behind radical open access here.

The Radical Open Access collective has been designed to represent the interests of independent scholarly publishing initiatives and wants to foster and support a network of academic-led presses. At the same time it endeavours to strengthen alliances with projects involved in related struggles concerned with the right to access, copy, distribute, sell and (re)use artistic, literary, cultural and academic research works and other materials (FLOSS, p2p, internet piracy etc.).

The Radical Open Access Collective wants to provide structures for mutual reliance and aims to further stimulate and grow into an established network of publishers, theorists, scholars, librarians, technology specialists, activists and others, from different fields and backgrounds, both inside and outside of the university, to support an alternative vision for open access and scholarly communication. We want to form a strong alliance for open access publishing outside of the mainstream and aim to make a convincing case for continued support for scholar-led publishing initiatives.

What we do

Just as our members are diverse, our objectives are manifold. As a collective we aim to:

  • Help legitimise academic-led publishing as a publishing ‘model’. To support this we want to develop the Radical Open Access Collective into a professional body representing independent scholarly presses to research councils and other agencies.We aim to support and strengthen community building among our members and will lobby on behalf of this community;
  • Provide an alternative to the legacy model of commercial publishing. By showcasing and supporting the wide variety of not-for-profit, academic-led and commons-basedradical models for academic knowledge exchange and publishing, we want to help strengthen the diversity withinof the publishing ecology. As such we are keen to explore diverse forms of open, processual radical open access and experimental book publishing;
  • Stimulate knowledge sharing and exchange among the members of the collective. This towill provide advice and support tofor the individual members within the consortium and towill stimulate academics to set-up their own publishing initiatives by providing them with the resources, tools, support and expertise to do so, based on the body of knowledge already acquired by others within members of the collective;
  • Set up an information and resources portal for open access and scholar-led (book) publishing initiatives in the HSS. a. This information portal, will be a community-driven information platform focused on open access and scholar-led book publishing in the HSS and will be based mainly on skills sharing and on information already available within and collected across the community.

The current members of the collective are listed on the home page. To support communication between our fellow communards we run a mailing list which you can sign up for here

The Radical Open Access mailing list is an informal location for discussing specific queries, strategising, working out issues of governance and planning events and workshops related to radical open access publishing.

New participants to the collective will be welcomed and members are encouraged to support one another through the mailing list and in person. We aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment for scholar-led presses and publishing initiatives.