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Limn 10: Chokepoints… Now available in gorgeous version!

Limn is proud to announce the release of Limn 10: Chokepoints in gorgeous print and PDF versions.  Your purchase of either a handsome matte-finished, 8×10, coffee-table-worthy version ($25) or a tablet-beautifying PDF ($5 or your reserve price) all goes to making more Limn possible.  Limn is non-profit, scholar-run, and open access, but we believe in making a beautiful vessel for our ideas.  Get one today!

Everyone’s Going to the Rumba: Trap Latino and the Cuban Internet

In “Asesina,” Darell opens the track shouting “Everybody go to the discotek,” a call for listeners to respond to the catchy beat and come dance. In this series on rap in Spanish and Sound Studies, we’re calling you out to the dance floor…and we have plenty to say about it. Your playlist will not sound […]