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Pit Schultz: Europe is not a Data Grossraum

Europe is Not a Data Grossraum by Pit Schultz (@pitsch) Apart from outdated spatial metaphors, the sectorization of data economies points to the risk of the emergence of monopoly platforms. There is a danger of  “natural” sectorwize monopolies, which, thanks to telecommunication-driven 5G infrastructure (EdgeML, IoT), allows vertical integration and the centralization of value chains, […]

Black Excellence on the Airwaves: Nora Holt and the American Negro Artist Program

—Co-authored by Chelsea Daniel and Samantha Ege— Nora Holt (c.1885 – 1974) was a leading voice in Black America’s classical music scene. Her activities as a composer, performer, critic, commentator, and more shaped the Harlem Renaissance and its Chicago counterpart. As the fervor of the Black Renaissance progressed into the Civil Rights era, the energy […]