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survey on working conditions of non-EU citizens in Dutch arts & culture

Hello world! My name is Karina Zavidova, I am a designer, an independent researcher and a migrant in the Netherlands. I am currently conducting a survey on the working conditions of non-EU citizens in the Dutch arts & culture sector. My definition of ‘cultural work’ in this survey is intentionally broad. I have been researching […]

On Open Access: Thoughts from our Authors

For Open Access Week 2020 we invited our authors to share their thoughts on the topics of equity, accessibility, open knowledge and open access publishing. Continue reading to find out what they had to say.

Out Now: TOD#37 From Opinions to Images

“Baker’s first extensive translation to English provides us with a much-needed intervention for re-imagining social thought and visual media, at a time when sociology tends to be reduced to an analysis of ‘big data’, and the pedagogical powers of the image are reduced to data visualization and infographics.” From the book’s back cover. Ulus Baker […]